Tonya Gunn.

A Chicago woman was gunned down in front of her family while attending a Fourth of July weekend barbeque, one of more than six-dozen city residents shot during the holiday.

Tonya Gunn, 44, went to Morgan Park on July 7 to enjoy time with her family and her 11-year-old daughter when, according to Chicago ABC affiliate WLS, she was shot in her torso and arm at around midnight.

Gunn was pronounced dead at Roseland Hospital.

“I’ve lost a friend, a child, my baby girl,” Sandra Gunn, Tonya’s mother, told CBS affiliate WBBM. “I just wish all these innocent people who are out trying to enjoy life could really enjoy life without being gunned down.”

Gunn’s daughter was standing next to her at the time of the shooting.

“Everybody was sitting out here and I was sitting over there. And I was getting ready to go in the house. And they started shooting and I heard them screaming,” Gunn’s cousin, Krystal Scott, told WLS. “They saying, ‘Somebody call the police!’ But I didn’t know who it was. And then the ambulance came and they took her. They shot her in front of her daughter.”

Gunn’s daughter is now staying with the girl’s father.

The city experienced more than 80 shootings in the first weekend of July.