Hello my dear friends, I am excited to share with you again a look back at the years I have spent with you in your clubs, cabarets, parties and shows, that I have captured in pictures. Many of our friends have passed away, and others may be still around, but unable to hangout anymore because of health issues. And there are my fans and friends who are still hanging in there partying, and enjoying their lives. These photos will help you remember the good ol’ days. I have thousands and thousands of pictures I have taken throughout the years, but I could only pick a few to share our memories.  Do You Remember?

Well, my friends, enjoy the pictures, see if you remember the faces and have fun guessing who is who and where you were. Thanks for 20 beautiful years and looking forward to 20 more. Remember, if you need me, call me at 410-833-9474.

Until the next time, I’m Musically Yours.