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Democratic candidate Marilyn Mosby (l), and Independent candidate Russell Neverdon.

Now that the primary election in Baltimore has proclaimed Marilyn Mosby the Democratic candidate for City State’s Attorney, a race that is usually sealed in this majority Democrat city and state, is really beginning. Or is it?

Then Democrat Russell Neverdon declared in February of this year, that he was switching affiliation to become an Independent, and to continue his quest for the State’s Attorney’s office as such.

In regards to his switch, he said he wanted to give the city a choice and he wanted “to avoid splitting the vote on race or gender.” He also said he was putting ego aside to do it.

“It was a sacrifice. I knew it was a hard road,” Neverdon said. “Anything worth fighting for or anything that’s going to be long term is going to be hard.”

This switch adds an interesting twist to the election as it brings up the question of how likely an independent is to win in Baltimore? While Neverdon does have some supporters that commend him for doing a “great job” and encouraging him to “keep up the great work”, does he have enough supporters to win over his opponent Marilyn Mosby?

Marilyn Mosby’s win over incumbent Gregg L. Bernstein during the primary election came as a surprise to many, but shows she clearly has support behind her.

Mosby says she “feels great” over her recent victory and that her win sends a message in Baltimore that the people voted for change.

Supporters of Mosby say she is “Baltimore’s next powerhouse” and has the “tenacity and the commitment to serve the people.” Others say that she “in touch with the people” and she is “someone who cares about Baltimore.”

As of right now Neverdon is still working on getting enough signatures to be on the ballot in November and he says wants to have more than the required signatures.

“We’re going to continue to collect signatures until the deadline,” stated Neverdon. “We’re on an excellent path. We’re working toward our double number.”MosbyVoteButton

In regards to being Baltimore City State’s Attorney, Neverdon believes you have to be “a proven leader.” He believes he has experience that Mosby doesn’t. “The experience is not just trial experience. She has five years of criminal trial experience. I have 15 years of being in the trenches doing criminal trial work. It’s an administrative office. That’s something she can’t present,” Neverdon said.

However, Mosby believes she does have the experience necessary for the job.

“I’m the only person in this race that was actually a Baltimore City prosecutor,” Mosby said. “I’m the only one coming into this race with experience, so I know what it takes to get these individuals, these violent repeat offenders, off our streets and at the end of the day, this is what this is all about.”

So maybe the race is on. And voters are up for the challenge. “Yes, I do plan to vote. Both candidates seem truly dedicated to our community,” said Baltimore resident Ryan Bowens. “Mosby promises that violent offenders must serve 80 percent of their sentence. She also plans to create the back on track program to provide resources to young people that will keep them out of trouble.”

Bowens said he applauds Neverdon’s efforts and his pro bono legal work, as well as his efforts help provide criminal record expungements.

“As aforementioned, both candidates are great and much more in tune with Baltimore City than Bernstein ever was. I look forward to casting my vote Nov. 4 for the candidate I support,” Bowens said without indicating his choice.