Actor Jamie Foxx has played the role of historical figures such as Muhammad Ali and Ray Charles.  Will his next movie role be Mike Tyson?

Jamie Foxx Portrait Session
Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx and former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson have been talking about a few things, including Foxx taking on the role of Tyson in a biopic.

Tyson said he had a conversation with the Grammy and Academy Awards-winner Foxx about doing a biopic of his life.

“Me and Jamie Foxx have been talking and he’s willing to take that role and portray me as Mike Tyson, doing my life story,” the former heavyweight boxing champion told the {Associated Press} during a conference call to promote his one-man show‘Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth.’  “I think he’s splendid because he’s really up to par. I think he would do a magnificent job.”

Foxx, who won an Oscar for {Ray}, is on the record expressing interest in playing the Tyson role in a movie. If the movie does happen, it could be released next year.

Tyson has become peaceful and calm since his boxing days when he was aggressive and outspoken — an exciting transition for moviegoers if his story makes it to the big screen. “Right now, I’m just living life day by day – Black, broke and ugly,” Tyson said during an interview. “I’m just trying to survive, you know.”