The George C. Goodman League and Coalition enjoyed a guest visit by NBA player and Maryland native Michael Beasley this weekend, who hooped outdoors and “Inside the Gates,” at Barry Farms Community Court on July 29, before playing indoors at Spingarn Senior High School on July 30.

Scores for the outdoor action were not immediately available, but Beasley recorded 25 points indoors, helping his squad, Madness, beat the Oohs and Aahs, 115-104. The July 29 matchup at Barry Farms was packed with fans, but the heat caused far fewer to come out to Spingarn the next day.

One fan who did make the trip asked, “What made Beasley, a 6-foot, 9-inch-tall forward for the Minnesota Timberwolves, decide to hoop for Madness?” It’s a question that many may have pondered since the AFRO began coverage of “D.C.’s Under Ground Pastime” three summers ago. (

Exactly how does the Goodman League get so many of the NBA’s stars to come out every summer, and who decides which player plays for which team?

Miles Rawls, commissioner of the Goodman League, said that no one from the league ever begs pro stars to play. Instead, he said they hear about the history of the league and volunteer to play on their own. Mac Williams, media director for the league, said 16 teams signed up to play this summer, and each team must be financially sponsored.

Some of those sponsors have established relationships with high-profile players and keep them on their squad’s roster for most of the season—one example is San Antonio Spurs guard Gary Neal, who has played with Baltimore’s Finest throughout the summer. Other star players may play only occasionally and are randomly added to whichever team is already scheduled to play that day, as was the case with Beasley playing for Madness.

The games were the first time Beasley had played in the Goodman League this summer, but it won’t be the last. Williams confirmed that Beasley will be suiting up with the Goodman League when it takes on Los Angeles’ legendary Drew League on August 20.