The realization of what we’ve just experienced in the recent election of Donald Trump to become our next president will take days, if not weeks, for most African Americans to digest.  It will probably take longer for most to become comfortable with the thought of him now being our leader and chief spokesman. editorial

During this time of rationalizing the reality of a Trump presidency, we will need to accept the fact that the trust we all once had with President Obama will no longer exist with President Trump, at least in the beginning as we move away from our fresh images of the Trump presidential campaign of vitriolic racist hate and ignorance.  Furthermore, this new president is someone most African Americans will not be able to comfortably trust, nor is he a person we can visualize EVER, as one his dreadful minions warned of during the campaign, “bowing down to”!

Given the complete control the Republicans now enjoy in Congress our quest for improved and fairer civil rights, which includes our unimpeded right to vote, together with improved job and economic opportunities, education and health benefits will surely be threatened, if not possibly drastically reduced.  The minority and poorer segments of our American society we fear are in for a rough and bumpy ride for the next four years

In this dreadful time of uncertainty, we must look inward to our community, as we have done in our past history, to begin to forge and reinforce the voices, strategies and defenses we will need as we move forward through the unclear environment of this new Trump administration.

Starting today, the varied organizations of the African American community need to draw closer, forge communication channels, and immediately initiate the development of strategies of how members of our community as citizens are going to survive over the next 4 years.  We also need to start crafting our strategy as what we must do to improve our chances to have a more positive result in the 2020 presidential election. During this period our voice needs to be heard LOUDLY!

Trump’s acceptance speech stipulated that he wanted to represent all Americans.  We, however, glean very little evidence of his ability to do this from his campaign words or actions. All we have is hope and his word (for whatever that is worth), and our history shows us that in the past whenever we’ve had presidents who were not sensitive to our community’s important needs, we suffered. But we also got stronger!  

Buckle Up !