Cummings Warns Churches Trump Tax Law Will Impact Them

By Deborah Bailey, Special to the AFRO September 19, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-7th) partnered with Walter Scott Thomas, Bishop of New Psalmist Baptist Church to connect with clergy across the city for a lesson in the...

Race Becomes Issue in Tipped Workers Fight

By Akira Kyles, Special to the AFRO Many advocates and opponents of Initiative 77 showed up at the Wilson Building September 17 to witness the D.C. Council hold a hearing on Bill 22-913, the “Tipped Workers...

AFRO Now Available on Apple News

By AFRO Staff The AFRO American Newspaper is now available on Apple’s News app. The app, built into all iPhones and iPads, allows users to access news from around the world for free. The AFRO is...



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