Kanye West Turned Away from Restaurant in Belgium

Even world-famous superstars have to abide by rules of etiquette, a lesson rapper Kanye West learned at a Belgian restaurant in early June.

On June 3, the rapper was denied access to Brasserie Appelmans, a restaurant located in downtown Antwerp, Belgium. The news immediately sparked cries of “racism.”

“I hear everywhere that we pointed Kanye West to the door or refused him at our restaurant. But it’s not (what happened),” the restaurant’s manager told Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad.

The rapper was at fault, since he and his entourage were late for their reservation, the restaurant staff explained.

“Although they had booked for 3 p.m., they were only here for 4:15 p.m.,” the manager said. “Our kitchen closes between four and five in the evening shift to prepare and give the staff a break.”

Some of the rapper’s online supporters argued the restaurant should have made an exception for someone of West’s stature. The rapper had just finished performing before a crowd of almost 20,000 as part of his “Watch The Throne” world tour. But Appelman’s staff did not recognize the famous performer until hours later when a reporter called and informed them of whom they had turned away.

Still, at Appelman’s, celebrities and ordinary Joes are treated alike, the manager said.

“Now that (West’s fame) does not really matter,” he added. “Everyone is welcome here, but everyone gets the same treatment. Just an hour to close, we can ensure our good service. The people around Kanye West understood that too. He himself was sorry that he could not eat, but remained very friendly.”

The manager said they told West and his crew to wait for 30 minutes and they could then order from the dinner menu, but the star said he could not wait. So, he redirected them to a nearby Italian restaurant Da Giovanni, where West allegedly had a pizza quattro stagioni.

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Kanye West Turned Away from Restaurant in Belgium


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