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Nas and Father Pair-Up in New Gap Holiday Campaign

by Alexis Webb
Special to the AFRO

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    Rap Artist Nas and father Olu Dara (Courtesy Photo/Facebook)

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It seems that global rap artist Nas has a lot to be thankful this holiday season, and he is not alone.

Nas has decided to be one of the faces for The Gap’s new 2012 campaign entitled, “Love Comes in Every Shade,” and he is not alone. Paired with his father Olu Dara, in the duo’s ad entitled, “Fatherly Love,” the two are seen hugging and dancing with each other in a video clip soon to be released internationally during the holiday season.

Gap’s campaign comes just months after Nas’ release of his 11th studio album, “Life is Good,” an album many fans would say shows a more intimate side of the once hardcore rapper.

Fans of the Queensbridge rapper weren’t the only ones excited about the campaign as Nas tweeted “Me & Pops for The Gap. #LifeisGood,” earlier this week.

Olu Dara, a jazz musician, has not always been as present in Nas’ life as he appears in the Gap’s latest placard but after the death of the Nas’ mom the two decided to repair their relationship.

Although this is the first father- son appearance by Nas and Dara in print form, the pair has already done a musical collaboration and have even been replicated in wax form a couple of times.

Gap’s campaign also features celebrities like Michael J. Fox, Jack Huston, Rufus Wainwright, and Francis Ford Copolla.

Nas has been wrapping-up the final weeks of his Life is Good/Black Rage tour with R&B artist Lauryn Hill.