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Visits after school program at Holabird Academy

ANNAPOLIS, MD (March 23, 2011) – First Lady Judge Katie O’Malley today joined Maryland State Educators Association President Clara Floyd, Assistant State Superintendent Irene Padilla, educators, and students at Holabird Academy in Baltimore to celebrate “Read Across Maryland” month. The First Lady toured the karate, soccer, gardening and chess programs at Holabird. Following the tour, Judge O’Malley visited the library to read to the children.

The First Lady chose to visit an after school program this year for “Read Across Maryland” month to highlight the importance of community involvement as part of students’ education. The after school program at Holabird Academy brings together teachers, community partners and parents to give students varied experiences outside of the classroom environment.

“I am so glad to be able to join the students at the after school program at Holabird Academy,” said First Lady O’Malley. “Maryland is a national model for quality, public education, and for three years in a row, our talented educators, students and parents have shown that they can build the best public schools in the nation. This year, we’re connecting with students in our after school programs to show that a good education is more than just in the classroom – these experiences are part of the foundation for a wholesome education that nurtures our children’s talents outside of school hours. It truly takes a village to ensure that our children continue to perform their best and achieve lasting success in the future.”

Reading and education are also essential to the President’s efforts to win the future for America’s children. “Teachers also play an integral role in our students' lives, and educators can help prepare our children to meet the challenges of tomorrow by making reading a key component of classroom activities, said President Barack Obama in his “Read Across America Day” proclamation. “Our Nation's young people rely on the critical thinking and analytical skills gained from reading to build other areas of knowledge, including the subjects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The next generation's ability to excel in these disciplines is crucial to America's strength and prosperity in the 21st century.”

This year marks the third “Read Across Maryland” month. For the second year in a row, the O’Malley-Brown Administration is partnering with the Maryland State Educators Association, the Maryland Library Association and the Maryland Association of School Librarians to encourage educators, parents and children to read 30 minutes for 30 days as part of a “30 for 30” theme.

“Our goal is for every child to have the opportunity to receive the best public school education and it is wonderful to see all of the outstanding things that are happening at Holabird Academy,” said MSEA President Clara Floyd. Read Across Maryland month has given us an excellent opportunity to form partnerships with those who share our vision of great public schools as we encourage students to understand that reading is the gateway to future success.”

Lindsey Krey, principal of Holabird Academy said, “A part of our school's mission is to create well-rounded students. While we are a small school, we have the support of friends, partnerships, and committed teachers to try to provide an array of experiences for our students from chess, to sewing, to gardening, to karate, to Drum Line, and more. All in addition to academic supports like tutoring and homework help.”

For the third year in a row, Maryland’s public schools were ranked number one in the nation by Education Week Magazine. And according to the College Board, Maryland high school students rank number one in AP success for the third consecutive year. Throughout the month of March, Governor O’Malley, Lt. Governor Brown, First Lady Katie O’Malley and members of the Executive Cabinet are joining community leaders, elected officials and educators to participate in events across the state to promote the importance of reading and education.

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