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Have you ‘Liked’ Your Comptroller’s Office Today?

- Social Networking and Technology Aids Agency in Reaching Out to Marylanders -

Annapolis, Md. (December 6, 2011) – Comptroller Franchot can already be found attending events throughout Maryland to meet, greet and talk with citizens. But did you know that the agency also has a presence on Facebook, the Web and utilizes quick response (QR) codes?

“Social media sites like Facebook, the ability to use QR codes and our upcoming tax preparer Website is a great way to reach Maryland citizens,” says Comptroller Franchot. He continues, “This technology enables all Marylanders 24/7 access to my office so they can get answers and information about all the programs the office oversees, as well as the all important information during tax season,”

The agency’s Facebook page provides Marylanders necessary tax information and links as well as updates, articles and photos from various events the Comptroller attends throughout the state.

The Comptroller’s Office is moving forward with the latest technology to provide ‘instant’ access to information and services the agency has to offer.

While taxpayers have been able to file their taxes electronically for years, they can now receive their 1099G forms electronically. Every taxpayer who received a refund or credit from the state for the previous tax year and had itemized deductions receives a 1099G. Citizens who opt to receive the form electronically will be removed from the mailing list to receive paper copies. This ecologically friendly initiative could save the state $60,000 in postage and printing costs in the first year.

The agency is also embracing QR codes to help taxpayers quickly access tax information. QR codes are for smartphone users, on the go, who want another option for contacting the Comptroller of Maryland. The Comptroller’s Office plans to put the codes in a variety of places including on:

· Paper Form 502D (Individual Estimated Tax) to provide a hard link to online services page to electronically file estimated taxes;
· Front of the resident tax packet to provide a link to the refund inquiry page;
· In the withholding tax and sales tax coupon booklet to provide a link to the email address to request a continuation of receiving paper coupon booklets;
· On over one million Forms 1099G to provide a link to the website where taxpayers can register to receive future Forms 1099G electronically;
· On posters and informational handouts in branch offices that address MVA license holds, and in MVA offices;
· On payment vouchers that accompany paper checks for tax returns that have been submitted electronically to expedite processing

Other future plans include the creation of a tax preparer’s Website. The site will allow authorized preparers, with permission, access to their clients’ tax return information. The preparer will be able to view their clients estimated tax history, upload W-2 information and, eventually, access tax payment history.

The Comptroller’s Website can be found at and visit his Facebook page at