Baltimore–Two Men Sentenced to 250 Years for Series of Area Armed Robberies

Federal judge Richard D. Bennett labeled a 50 year-old Catonsville man a career criminal Oct. 12 as he sentenced him to 72 years in prison for three armed robberies here. Bennett handed down a similar label two months earlier when he sent the man’s accomplice in the crimes to prison for 147 years.

The sentence for Eric Jordan, 50, of Catonsville, includes five years of post-prison supervision and follows an April 30 conviction for his role in the robberies of two fast food restaurants and a gas station.

A U.S. District Court jury found Jordan guilty of one count of conspiracy to commit a robbery, three counts of robbery, three counts of brandishing a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence, one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and one count of possession of unregistered firearms, according to U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein.

In August Judge Bennett sentenced Jordan accomplice Aaron Graham, 50, of Owings Mills, to 147 years in prison for the same crimes.

In testimony at a two-week trial in April for the two men, witnesses said Jordan and Graham were arrested after robbing two fast-food restaurants in Baltimore in less than an hour. Jordan was identified as the driver of the getaway vehicle in each robbery. A clerk was pistol-whipped during the initial robbery.

At the time of their arrests, $1,166 and a .25-cal.pistol were found in a gray pickup truck that police said was used as a getaway vehicle.

The pair was also convicted of a violent robbery at a gas station in Gwynn Oaks a few days before the fast-food shop stickups, the jury found. During the gas station robbery, witnesses testified that Graham beat and kicked the gas station cashier while brandishing the same small pistol that was seized at the time of his arrest.

Bennett labeled both men career criminals during separate sentencings, noting that Jordan has prior convictions for armed violence and that Graham has four previous felony convictions.

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Baltimore--Two Men Sentenced to 250 Years for Series of Area Armed Robberies


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