Five DeMatha Football Players Dismissed After Allegedly Buying Prostitutes

Five members of the DeMatha Catholic High School football team have been dismissed from the Hyattsville, Md. school’s squad after allegedly paying for prostitutes during an out-of-state road trip game, according to reports.

According to The Washington Post, one of the players’ parents said the group hired three prostitutes from an online Web site and invited them into their hotel room in North Carolina on Sept 1. The alleged incident occurred following DeMatha’s road 52-14 victory over Hillside High School (N.C.) on Aug. 31.

According to reports, 18 adult supervisors accompanied the team during the road trip, and made bed checks of the players’ rooms at 1:30 a.m., as well as a hall check at 4 a.m.; the incident happened an hour after the final hall check.

The Post reported that sources knowledgeable about the situation say two of the five players removed from team have withdrawn from the school, while two others have been recommended for expulsion. The fifth player involved is scheduled to face a disciplinary hearing, according to the Post. The players’ names are not expected to be released to the public, and none were starters for the team, reports said.

“I can’t comment on anything except to say when people are on field trips they are exceptionally chaperoned,” DeMatha principal Dan McMahon told the Post. “On this trip there was full coverage by supervisors and we are extremely pleased with the way we monitor kids and keep everybody safe.”

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Five DeMatha Football Players Dismissed After Allegedly Buying Prostitutes


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