Trial starts in case of slain Bowie State student

A witness has testified about a fight between college roommates that led to the stabbing death of one woman.

Alexis Simpson is standing trial in Prince George's County in the September 2011 slaying of Dominique Frazier, her roommate at Bowie State University.

Authorities say Simpson stabbed Frazier during an argument over loud music that Frazier was playing as the women and other students prepared for a school-sponsored comedy show.

WJLA reports that in court Tuesday, one of Fraizer's friends said Simpson was the aggressor. But under cross-examination, she said Frazier also had a knife.

Defense lawyers have argued that Simpson acted in self-defense.
Simpson is charged with murder and also faces a charge of carrying a deadly weapon.

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Trial starts in case of slain Bowie State student


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