Beyonc Lands in D.C. during her “Mrs. Carter World Tour”

All hail to the queen, the Queen B, that is.

After months of traveling the country, the “Mrs. Carter World Tour,” the most recent concert tour by singer/dancer/songwriter/actress Beyoncé, finally stopped in Washington D.C. for two sold-out performances on July 29 and 30 at the Verizon Center in Northwest Washington.

At the July 29 concert, Beyoncé, 31, also known as “Queen B,” dazzled her way through a well-choreographed two-hour performance which featured renditions of her most popular songs and nine costume changes, empowering girls and women and enticing men the way only she can.

Thousands of fans stood for as long as eight hours in a line that wrapped around the Verizon Center, waiting in almost breathless anticipation to see the highly acclaimed “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” show. Beyoncé is married to rapper/mogul Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter.

There were little girls, escorted by their mothers; giggly teenagers who had been dropped off by their anxious parents; young women dressed ala Beyoncé in short skirts, tight tops and stiletto heels; career women dressed to the nines in fabulous sundresses and funky ensembles; and couples, some as old as the performers parents.

The 8 p.m. show started with opening act Luke James, one of her former dancers who hit big with “I.O.U.”

As frenzied fans stood waiting for Queen B to take the stage, videos played paying homage to her accomplishments. Then, at 9:15 p.m. as her fans roared, the signature “B” curtain appared and Beyoncé, the Queen, stood center stage in a white beaded leotard, hair was slightly curled and makeup fierce.

In perfect diva fashion, she surveyed her audience as the deafening applause reached an almost unbearable pitch.

“Welcome, D.C.!” she said, sending the crowded-to-capacity arena into a frenzy.

“How y’all doin’?”

Were they ready to have some fun, she asked, receiving a deafening response.

“Ladies, who runs the world?” she asked, launching into her 2011 hit, “Run the World.”

Beyoncé lit up the arena. Radiant and fast-moving, she commanded the stage in front of an audience of 10,000, singing, strutting and dancing her trademark moves, taking the crowd from the highest heights with songs like “Single Ladies,” and “Love on Top” to mesmerized silence when she performed ballads like “Flaws and All.”

For those into fashion, they were treated to a second show. Her outfits included a sleek red dress, a black leotard with a beaded baseball cap, a blue long-sleeve sparkling jumpsuit—all hugging her signature curves.

Audience members sang. They danced. They screamed.

At one point, performing on two stages, she catapulted herself from one to the other, over a crowd of screaming in the standing section.

“I love you, Beyoncé!” the section screamed.

She culminated the two-hour show with her ballad, “I Was Here.”

Yes, she was. 

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Beyonc Lands in D.C. during her "Mrs. Carter World Tour"


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