Woman, 18, Raped in Howard University Classroom

An 18-year-old woman was raped at Howard University after her assailant snatched her from the street and dragged her into a building and then into a classroom, authorities said.

The attack occurred about 8 a.m. on July 22. The name of the victim was not released. Authorities said the woman was at Howard participating in a non-campus program. Police have stepped up patrols on and around campus.

Students, understandably, have been devastated by the turn of events. They took to social media to express their concern and outrage.

“This is sick,” said capris0n on Instagram.

“Guess I’ll be needing a tazer,” said lucidjadeing.

“I really feel some kind of way talking about this,” Howard graduate Cresent Haynes told Fox 5 News. “I’m glad I have my glasses on because I could actually start crying. This is too much. It’s just too, too much.”

The sexual assault was the second violent episode on or near the campus in recent weeks. On July 4, Howard student Omar Sykes was fatally shot in a robbery just off campus. Five hundred people attended a memorial service for the senior.

Authorities said they notified students via a campus e-mail alert system. But Kelsey Tisdale, 20, a junior, said she has not set up the program to receive the alerts.

“I saw it on Instagram,” said Tisdale, who is attending classes on campus this summer.

Tisdale said the incident “shocked” her, but it has not made her afraid to be on campus. She said a girl was raped last year in an all-girls dorm for underclassmen on the corner of 4th and Bryant streets, NW.

“A D.C. local made his way into the dorm, which is called the Annex, and into one of the girl’s rooms,” she said. “He raped her. Ironically, it was a Caucasian girl. He had a knife.”

She said after the incident, the dorm limited visitors.

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Woman, 18, Raped in Howard University Classroom


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