Serial Killer Claims He Slashed O.J. Simpson’s Ex-Wife

Nearly two decades after the brutal murder of the wife of ex-football star O.J. Simpson and an acquaintance, a convicted serial killer has come forward with information he says links him to the crime.

In an Investigation Discovery Channel  documentary to be aired Nov. 21, California death-row inmate Glen Roger, a convicted murderer who says he has killed 70 women in several states, is coming forward with new information– facts he says he knows only because he was there.


Roger was arrested in November 1995 — a month after Simpson's murder trial ended — and charged with killing five women in several states.


His assertions come at a time when a lot has changed since Orenthal James (OJ) Simpson, actor and ex-football star, who was acquitted of charges related to the brutal murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her acquaintance, Ronald Goldman.


Though the 65-year-old one-time winner of the Heisman Award as the nation’s best college player, now sits in prison convicted of charges related to a 2008 robbery, professors, lawyers, criminologists, and the general public alike continue to rehash and dissect the 1995 case that divided a nation.


On June 12, Nicole Brown Simpson, ex-wife of the running back who set records playing for the Buffalo Bills, and a friend named Ronald Goldman were stabbed to death.


Viewers around the country are expected to tune in as members of the family of the self-described serial killer discuss the case on “My Brother The Serial Killer,” a documentary to air on the Investigation Discovery Channel.


"When we hear of horrific crimes, we ask ourselves ‘Who would do such a thing?,'" said Henry Schleiff, president and general manager of Investigation Discovery, in a statement. "Imagine the horror of discovering that the person who'd committed these gruesome crimes was sitting right next to you, your own brother."

The family of Roger alleges he killed Brown Simpson and Goldman after eyeing the 35-year-old mother of two while working in Los Angeles as a housepainter in 1994.

Furthermore, the family alleges that the white truck seen speeding from the crime scene was driven by Roger, who used the same type of vehicle in his line of work.

Though Roger’s participation in the Brown Simpson murder is still in question, the cross-country killing spree he embarked on during this time is not.

Authorities were only able to stop Roger in November of 1995 after a family tipped them off to his location.

"I wasn't turning in my brother. I was turning in a serial killer,” said Clay Roger, in a statement released by Discovery. “My brother hadn't lived there for a long time." 

Roger was arrested, convicted and now awaits the death penalty for murdering five women in both California and Florida. The number is lower than the 70 lives Roger claims he has taken.

According to CNN , the families  of both Nicole Simpson and Goldman, as well as law enforcement officials, consider the confession and allegations false.

"The overwhelming evidence at the criminal trial proved that one, and only one, person murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman," Fred Goldman, father of the deceased. "That person is O.J. Simpson and not Glen Rogers."

"The fact that O.J. Simpson was acquitted was a travesty of justice that tarnished the criminal justice system," he said. "Now every guilty person prays to the altar of O.J. Simpson for deliverance from their crimes. A [hundred thousand] screaming Glen Rogers, packed in the Los Angeles Coliseum, all confessing in unison, would not absolve O.J. Simpson of the murders he committed."

Serial Killer Claims He Slashed O.J. Simpson's Ex-Wife


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