Film Slated for Sundance Profiling Anita Hill, Clarence Thomas Accuser

UPDATED 12/8/12–A documentary film is being released about Anita Hill, a woman whose testimony rocked the Senate confirmation hearings of Clarence Thomas’s Supreme Court nomination in 1991.

The life and times of Hill, the African-American attorney who accused Thomas of inappropriate sexual advances when he was her supervisor at a federal agency, will be chronicled as a documentary originally titled “Anita–Speaking Truth to Power,” and is slated to premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

John Cooper, director of the festival, said that the film, now simply titled ANITA, reflects the nature of the films unveiled this year: “The films selected for our 2013 Festival, both documentary and narrative, have a particular immediacy and fearlessness to them showing us that independent film is as vibrant, creative and relevant as ever. Filmmakers are telling raw, powerful stories that are sure to create new energy in audiences and communities across the globe in the months to come.”

For ANITA, Academy Award-winning director Freida Lee Mock had a wealth of compelling material upon which she could draw.

The film has not been reviewed yet so it is uncertain whether the woman, now a law professor, is chronicled in a way that settles still unanswered questions about her relationship with the Supreme Court associate justice.

Hill earned national attention in October 1991 when she became the star of Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas’ contentious Senate confirmation hearings.

In explosive testimony, Hill said Thomas made inappropriate sexual comments to her when he was her supervisor at the Department of Education and the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Thomas vehemently denied the accusations, and he was narrowly confirmed and later sworn in to his lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

The events “[brought] sexual politics into the national consciousness and [fueled] 20 years of international debate on the issues,” Sundance said in its description of the documentary.

The 2013 Sundance Film Festival will be held Jan. 17-27 in the Utah towns of Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden and Sundance Resort.

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Film Slated for Sundance Profiling Anita Hill, Clarence Thomas Accuser


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