Michael Brown Drops Out of D.C. Council Race

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former D.C. Councilmember Michael A. Brown has dropped out of the race to rejoin the council.

Brown announced late Tuesday that he was ending his campaign for "personal and family" reasons. He said in a statement that the issues require his "immediate attention" but did not elaborate further.

Brown, a Democrat, was running in a special election for an open at-large seat on the council. The election is April 23, and Brown will remain on the ballot.

Brown formerly served on the council as an at-large independent but lost his re-election bid to David Grosso (GRAH-so) last year. He's the son of the late former Commerce secretary Ron Brown.

Once a formidable fund-raiser, Brown was lagging behind several other special election candidates in the money race.

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Michael Brown Drops Out of D.C. Council Race


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