New Phone App Helps Locate Black-Owned Businesses

Want to find a Black-owned business in your area? Now, there’s an app for that.

The new smartphone application allows users to locate any of the estimated 1.9 million Black-owned businesses in the United States utilizing the GPS feature built into their phones.

The breakthrough utility comes thanks to a partnership between the U.S. Black Chambers and Around The Way®, developers of the application.

U.S. Black Chambers President Ron Busby Sr. said the new app is an extension of the organization’s objectives, which include building a database of African American-owned businesses nationwide.

“This partnership with Around The Way is an important first step,” he said in a statement. “Through the app, supporters of Black business can quickly access the location of businesses, no matter where they are in the country.”

“We believe Around The Way provides an important tool in our quest to strengthen Black business,” he added.

Members of the U.S. Black Chamber's 110 affiliate chambers nationwide will get premium listings, including having their locations highlighted on local maps with the USBC logo.

The Around The Way app can be downloaded for free on Android and iPhones. The app uses the GPS technology imbedded in the phone to locate the user, then lists all the Black-owned businesses within a 5-mile radius.

“We can't imagine a more natural evolution, a better way to improve both the awareness of the number of Black-owned businesses and increase their bottom lines,” said Busby. “[This is] an excellent app for the Black community. America's Black businesses and the consuming public will benefit tremendously – all by clicking an app on their phone!”

Janine Hausif, CEO of Around The Way, said they were pleased to join the U.S. Black Chambers in boosting support for Black businesses. She also said the app was a natural for African-American consumers, who are notably technology savvy, value conscious, brand loyal and prolific buyers.

“We believe that Around The Way is the perfect blend of technology and convenience,” Hausif said in a press release. "The app capitalizes on the above-the-index embrace of smartphone technology by African Americans with well over 50 percent of Black Americans using the devices to bridge the Digital Divide.”

New Phone App Helps Locate Black-Owned Businesses


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