BGE Employee Helps Baltimore’s Hope Lodge Receive $10,000 Donation

Thanks to American Cancer Society volunteer and breast cancer survivor Barbara Palmer, Baltimore’s ACS Hope Lodge is receiving a $10,000 gift from Exelon as part of the company’s Employee Volunteer Awards program. Barbara is an employee of BGE, an Exelon company.

Annually, Exelon selects 18 employees who perform outstanding volunteer work and honors their commitment with a Volunteer Award and a contribution to the nonprofit each serves.

Palmer has been an ACS volunteer since 1994 and has been involved in the Baltimore Making Strides Against Breast Cancer organization since 2007. This two-time breast cancer survivor is a strong advocate for the Society and its programs and services and she has spent much of her time at the Hope Lodge.

“Barbara is what we call a Hope Lodge Ambassador. That means no job is too big or small,” Karen Seaberry, Baltimore Hope Lodge Manager said in a statement. “She will sit at the front desk, volunteer at Society events, and will even go out into the community and speak on our behalf.”

Palmer and a representative from the Hope Lodge will attend a special awards luncheon this month where she will receive her award and the $10,000 gift will be presented.

“Exelon is an amazing company that promotes community service and supports local non-profits in an exceptional manner,” Seaberry said in a statement. “Dedicated donors like Exelon are the driving force behind significant progress against cancer, and we are honored to be one of this year's recipients.” 

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BGE Employee Helps Baltimore's Hope Lodge Receive $10,000 Donation


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