Essynce Moore, tween fashion designer and owner of Essynce Couture, LLC

A 10-year-old designer? She might not be out of grade school yet but Essynce Moore isn’t waiting for the fashion world to cater to her and her pre-teen cohorts.

The New Jersey girl is catering to children, tweens and teens. The website includes an exclusive upscale fashion line, as well as body products.

Each piece in the Essynce Couture’s stylish collection is hand-crafted, often from sketches or with embroidery. Despite these meticulous details, the fashions sell at much lower prices than those of competitors.

The Essynce Couture brand has nicely carved out a niche in the fashion industry since the collection is created by a child, for children, with only children in mind.

The brand is designed to recognize their uniqueness, give them the added confidence they desire to look good and smell good and segue these same feelings all over the world.

Essynce introduced her children’s clothing line in January 2013 at a photo-shoot launch party that officially promoted her website, children’s body products and kid rep's program. This pre-teen is giving other children an outlet to learn, make money and have fun while doing so.

She has been buzzing "big-time" on all of her social media websites that include:

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Essynce Couture, LLC believes in education and encourages children of all ages to upload their report cards, certificates and other rewards to one of its social sites. In return and as a kudos for all children, each will receive an Essynce Couture exclusive accommodation acknowledging their dedication for a job well done.

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Essynce Moore, tween fashion designer and owner of Essynce Couture, LLC


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