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Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Missing after Departing Mayo Clinic

by Zenitha Prince
Special to the AFRO

    Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (AFRO Photo)
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Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. left the Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minn., this week under mysterious circumstances, and has not been seen since.

“He is no longer a patient here,” clinic spokesman Nick Hanson told The Chicago Tribune on Nov. 13. “I don’t know where he is.”

When the paper contacted the congressman’s father, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, he seemed unaware that his son had left Mayo.

“He’s still there, as far as I know,” the elder Jackson said. “I know he’s still there.”

The Illinois Democrat was in his second stint at the famed medical facility for depression and bipolar disorder. He had been receiving treatment since taking a leave of absence in June.

The Chicago Sun-Times cited “people close to Jackson,” who said he is still getting treated on an outpatient basis. But no one has disclosed his whereabouts.

Members of Congress were expected back on Capitol Hill on Nov. 13, but Jackson has reportedly missed the first days of the lame-duck session. Some question whether Jackson will ever return to Congress, though he was re-elected to represent Illinois 2nd District by a landslide victory earlier this month.

The congressman has been under a cloud of federal scrutiny and the pressure seems to be mounting.

The FBI has been investigating whether Jackson misused campaign funds to decorate his Washington, D.C. home and to purchase an expensive Rolex for a female friend among other potential abuses. And the probe seems to have spread to include alleged “suspicious activity” in his finances, according to a Sun-Times source who is close to the investigation.

Federal investigators are “going down every rat hole,” the unnamed source told the paper. Broad subpoenas have been issued, including on financial institutions that manage Jackson’s accounts.

The investigation continues even as media outlets have reported that Jackson is currently negotiating a plea deal with federal authorities.

“No one has pled guilty, but plea discussions are ongoing,” a source told Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed last week.

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