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Roku 1 & 2

Holiday Technology Guide

by Talibah Chikwendu
Special to the AFRO

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    There are four versions of the Roku device available. One of the new features is the remote with an earbud jack, great for late night television watching. Photo:Roku Press Room (Courtesy Photo)

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I am a Roku fan! Years after purchasing my first one – I now own five –I can honestly say, this device keeps getting better.

Roku allows streaming of online content to your television. This is a big deal, especially for subscribers to services like Netflix, Redbox Streaming, Amazon Streaming, Vudu and Hulu Plus, and the many others available.

This season, Roku has tweaked its device offerings to provide more features. Additions include a earbud jack on the remote control and a single point search for content across available services.

All the Rokus have wireless built it, but the top of the line includes an ethernet jack. The wireless works great and is easy to set up. Connection to the television is easy as well, but for older televisions, review the connection specifications to get the device that will work with the existing equipment.

Roku has added the streaming stick, for televisions with an MHL (mobile high-definition link) port. Many televisions don’t have this port, so an adapter is required for this connection.

• There aren’t any recurring charges to use the Roku device
• The device is small and fits easily into any entertainment environment
• Content options enhance home entertainment

• The MHL for the streaming stick limits its out the of box usefulness
• Many content options have recurring costs


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