300 Man March to End Baltimore Street Violence

With the dimensions of street violence elbowing the charm out of Baltimore’s Charm City nickname, one man is determined to make a difference.

So Munir Bahar, a community activist, is orchestrating a rare display of non-violence one day after Independence Day. He is the architect of what he calls a 300-Man March from one end of North Avenue to the other.

The idea was spawned as shootings dominated the first days of summer in Baltimore. During a 10-day period, 40 people have been shot, 16 of them fatally.

"Men are sitting around, while our children are being killed," said Bahar.

On July 5, the Committed Organized & Responsible (COR) group will begin marching down the 3400 block of West North Avenue and ending on East North avenue, in hopes of touching lives along the way.

Bahar told the AFRO, "One man can't do it alone."

The event, organized within a week after the city was gripped by a spasm of shootings, started out as an event centered around 300 men.

But on the eve of the event, despite weather predictions for a hot and steamy evening, Bahar said, he has received scores of confirmations from people who say they will participate.

"We have thousands of people that will be coming," said Bahar.

"We have to send a message that pretty much, young folks have to chill out. A lot of this stuff going on is not acceptable. As men we don't accept it. We have children, we have families that need to be safe," he said. The 10- mile march is set to begin at 7 p.m.

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300 Man March to End Baltimore Street Violence


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