Suspect in Execution-Style Slaying Named ‘Public Enemy Number 1′

Baltimore police said July 22 they are looking for Capone Chase, 19, an alleged Black Guerrilla Family gang (BGF) member who, police said, is responsible for the shooting death of Ramon Rodriquez July 13 on a playground in the city’s Greek Town neighborhood.

Chase , described by police as a black male with several facial tattoos, allegedy lured Rodriquez, 21, to the Gloria Hertzfelt playground late on the night of July 13 in the 4600 block of Gough Street and shot him once in the head, execution-style, police said.

“This was a very vicious attack,” said Maj. William Davis, BPD Southeast District commander. “Chase came here and assassinated Rodriquez on this playground. He killed him execution-style.”

According to court documents, the shooting occurred two days after Chase was released from the Baltimore City Detention Center where his confinement on assault and robbery charges was cut short when he agreed to a plea bargain with prosecutors.

Based on “some past arrests,” Davis told reporters, “We believe he is a BGF member.”

Neighbors who live near the playground but declined to be identified, told theAFRO “that night we heard talking going on and heard Ramon tell Capone, ‘If you are going to shoot me, just do it. Just don’t shoot my girlfriend because she is pregnant.’” 

Neighbors said Rodriquez’s girl friend, who was not identified witnessed the shooting.

“We are looking for Capone, he is a known gang member and a lot of our officers know who he is,” Davis said at a news conference held at the scene of the shooting. “We are going to put him behind bars.”

Davis said they labeled Chase “public enemy number 1” as “a way of letting people know that these guys are armed and dangerous.

“Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Capone is asked to call city police,” he said. 

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Suspect in Execution-Style Slaying  Named 'Public Enemy Number 1'


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