Baltimore Police Shoot 40-Year-Old Parolee During Traffic Stop

A 40-year-old Baltimore man was shot and killed by police after a routine traffic stop turned into a confrontation between the man and police officers.

Police said that Shawn Dewayne Dean, pulled over by two officers after he failed to stop at a stop sign, was shot by one of two police officers who stopped him in the Belair-Edison neighborhood at about 10 p.m.

“The officers observed a vehicle roll through a stop sign,” Commissioner Anthony Batts said in a news conference. “They stopped the car a few blocks away and two plainclothes officers who clearly identified themselves as officers, approached the vehicle.”

Batts said the one officer approached the driver side and the other approached the passenger side window.

He said the officers noticed Dean, who was on parole for a drug law conviction, seemed “extremely nervous when they spoke to him.”

While one officer stepped away from the vehicle, one remained close to the car. Dean started his vehicle and drove off, police said.

“Somehow—which is not clear as of yet—the officer got caught up in the vehicle and was dragged two blocks,” Batts said.

In order to disengage himself from the moving car, the officer fired shots at Dean, causing his four-door silver sedan to jump a curb, coming to rest at the corner of Shannon Drive and Mannasota Ave.

Dean’s 19-year-old daughter was a passenger in the car. She was later questioned and released, but not charged with any crime.

“The driver in this case was determined not to cooperate,” Batts said.

Dean had 18 months left on his parole, court documents show. According to court records, Dean has been arrested previously for assault with the intent to murder, hand gun violations and drug-related charges.

According to Baltimore Police Deputy Commissioner John Skinner, police found a “felony amount of crack cocaine inside his vehicle.”

The officer who fired at Dean, whose identity has not been released, was treated and released from a local hospital and was placed on administrative leave. The shooting is being investigated, police said.

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Baltimore Police Shoot 40-Year-Old Parolee During Traffic Stop


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