Arch Social Club wins Baltimore’s most prestigious architectural restoration award

The board of directors of Baltimore Heritage, Inc. awarded Arch Social Club, headquartered at 2426 Pennsylvania Avenue, its 2014 Restoration and Rehabilitation Award on March 15, 2014.

Baltimore Heritage, founded in 1960, is the city's premiere nonprofit historic and architectural preservation organization. With two staff members, 33 volunteer board members, and a host of volunteers, it works to preserve and promote Baltimore's historic buildings and neighborhoods.

Arch Social Club was recognized for its meticulous restoration of its 1912 Art Nouveau clubhouse facade. Taking over one year to complete, the work required 100s of hours alone of delicate sculptural restoration on a pair of terra cotta figurines that draped the entrance of the Uptown building.

Nominated by Richard Wagner at the achitectural firm of David H. Gleason Associates, the clubhouse, once a popular vaudeville showcase and cinema, is undergoing even further restoration work.

Explained Arch Social Club president Van Anderson, "We appreciate this recognition from Baltimore Heritage. Seldom do inner city structures receive this sort of attention. We hope that our work at the Arch Social Club site will inspire other business and community establishments to create a general movement to restore Baltimore's famed Pennsylvania Avenue corridor to its former splendor."

Baltimore Heritage will stage a gala awards ceremony in June where over 300 local and national architectural, construction and government leaders are expected to attend.

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Arch Social Club wins Baltimore's most prestigious architectural restoration award


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