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Cop Acquitted in Death of Balto. County Teen

by AFRO Staff

    Baltimore County Police Officer James D. Laboard. (Courtesy Photo)
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On June 20 a jury acquitted Baltimore County Police Officer James D. Laboard, who was charged in the death of Randallstown teenager Christopher Brown, authorities said.

The jury deliberated briefly before finding Laboard, 33, not guilty of involuntary manslaughter and voluntary manslaughter. Authorities had charged Laboard with the asphyxiation death of Brown, 17.

On June 13, 2012, Laboard chased a group of teens he believed had thrown a rock at his house. At the end of the pursuit, Laboard allegedly found Brown hiding in some bushes. Upon being discovered, Brown allegedly engaged Laboard in a fight that ended in his death.

Laboard's attorney said his client had not intended to harm the youth. Authorities said Laboard was charged with manslaughter because there was no evidence that he had intended to kill the teenager.

Baltimore County police said Laboard's case will be reviewed, but he will be returned to paid status performing administrative duties. Laboard will begin drawing a salary immediately. Laboard had been a member of the department for nine years when the incident occurred.

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