New York Pimp Pleads Guilty to Sex Trafficking in Maryland

Charles Anderson, a Brooklyn, N.Y. man known as “Chuck Corners,” and “Yowzer,”   pleaded guilty March 29  to conspiracy to commit sex trafficking.

Anderson, 25, agreed to plead guilty to conducting a commercial sex enterprise in New York and sharing the proceeds with a co-conspirator who was in jail  in Maryland. The hunt for women to engage in prostitution  was conducted in Maryland.

According Anderson’s plea agreement, he assisted his co-conspirator, a long-time friend of Anderson’s, who targeted female prostitutes between the ages of 19 and 28, to force them to work for him by engaging in commercial sex acts in order to make money. Anderson helped his co-conspirator locate female prostitutes that were working alone (i.e., without the oversight of a pimp) by searching websites that hosted advertisements for commercial sex services, then called or text messaged the telephone numbers listed in the advertisements, masquerading as a prospective client, helping his co-conspirator to schedule a hotel “date” with prostitutes.  

On other occasions, Anderson agreed to loan his cellular phone to his co-conspirator so he could call the prostitutes directly from an unrecognized telephone number.   Anderson knew that his co-conspirator intended to coerce the girls to work as his prostitutes.

The AFRO Crime Blotter is a summary of crime and punishment in the DMV and Baltimore.

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New York Pimp Pleads Guilty to Sex Trafficking in Maryland


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