Lt. Gov. Brown Taps Howard County Exec. Ulman for Running Mate

Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown, who hopes to move into the state’s top executive post after next year’s election, has named Howard County Executive Ken Ulman as his running mate.

Brown (D), who hails from Prince George’s County, made the announcement June 4 in Columbia.

“Ken has proven to be an extraordinary, energetic, experienced and accomplished county executive,” Brown said. “He is focused on results and under his leadership, residents of Howard County have benefited and enjoyed success.”

Elected county executive in 2006, Ulman has worked to ensure that Howard County remains, as {Money} magazine puts it, one of the “Best Places to Live” in America. Ulman has aimed to improve schools, increase jobs and provide health care options to uninsured county residents through the “Healthy Howard Health Plan,” according to a statement. Howard County is known for having the number one ranked schools in the state and the lowest unemployment rates in Maryland, officials said.

“I’ve known Ken for years,” said Brown. “We met while working through public service about 10 years ago…He was even a guest at my wedding…He’s a likeable guy,” he said. “I look forward to the partnership.”

Brown spoke of Ulman’s value in partnerships and collaboration.

“He’s a relationships guy,” said Brown. “He has demonstrated his ability to collaborate with the business community and with partners on the federal and state government level.”

Brown spoke proudly of Ulman’s commitment to public service and enthusiasm to get started. He characterized Ulman as a “good listener” who will be successful on the campaign trail as a result.

“You need to know the dreams and aspirations of the people,” he said. “Active listening, that is how you better understand and better govern.”

Ulman’s experience as the chief exec in a successful county makes him prime to assist at the top, officials said.

“Gov. O’Malley and I have redefined the role of the lieutenant governor. The lieutenant governor is now expected to be a fully operational partner and I believe Ken has the skill and enthusiasm to take on the responsibility,” he said. “I am looking forward to campaigning with him.”

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Lt. Gov. Brown Taps Howard County Exec. Ulman for Running Mate


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