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2014 Character Education
Originally published February 22, 2014

  2014 Black History Month: Civil Rights in America

 The Afro-American Newspapers’ Character Education program is designed to promote positive character traits in our public school students. Each year, several corporate professionals and business leaders join our effort and share stories that illustrate how the building of their character not only helps them personally but also in the workplace. During Black History Month, the AFRO is delivered to public middle schools across the region including Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City and Baltimore County, Howard County, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County and Washington, D.C. Each publication contains the testimonies of our corporate partners. more More Arrow


- AFRO Update 2 -- Sean Yoes discusses 2014 State of the Union Address - The plight of SC teen executed in 1944, and the ongoing Marijuana Legalization issue facing Maryland.more More Arrow

- AFRO Update -- Sean Yoes video installment on trending news events. In this segment, he examines the American Debate on the legalization of Marijuana as the state of Maryland is poised to begin its discussion in the 2014 Maryland Legislative Session.  Other issues to be discussed include the ongoing HBCU battle on funding disparity with Traditional White Institutions.more More Arrow

James Garfield, John Boehner (Credit: Matthew Brady/Evan Vucci)
- A provocative historical treatise on a situation which arose in 1879 that in many respects mirrors the current congressional debacle. In both situations, in back of the political maneuverings looms the 'unspoken', issue of race. In 1879, the elimination of the Black vote was at issue, in 2013, it is the emasculation of the first Black president.more More Arrow

A movie about black German musicians: they live in two different worlds. After a black man is beaten to death by a right-wing extremist teenager, they come together and found the musical group
- German youth respond to the violence they are subjected to because of their mixed race darker skins. It is their music that units them. "Yes I AM" is a movie about how the German musical group "Brothers Keepers" came together in the unforgiving racist environment that unfortunately continues to pervade today's Germany.more More Arrow

Afro-Scot Eunice Olumide uses her music to examine issues like race. She says she rarely meets people like her, but believes that Scotland is become more diverse.
- Scotland's African/Carribean population has greatly increased in the last decade. Eunice Olumide, otherwise known as sweeTs the lead for a popular hip-hop duo known as NorthernXposure, is a born native of Edinburgh. She shares her observations of what Black minorities in Scotland are facing and how Scotland appears to be moving in a positive direction with the involvement of various Black organizations that assist in defining and overcoming the impediments generally arising due to racial differences. More Arrow

David Adjaye
- The Black Power in Britain and in Europe for 2013 is listed in this year's The Powerlist that encompasses many lines of professions. The Who's Who of Black Europe.more More Arrow

Hans Massaquoi
- Hans Massaquoi, the former managing editor of Ebony magazine who wrote the distinctive memoir "Destined to Witness: Growing up Black in Nazi Germany", has died. His son said Massaquoi died Saturday (Jan. 19, 2013), on his 87th birthday, in Jacksonville. He had been hospitalized over the Christmas holidays.more More Arrow

- Africans from eastern and northern Africa were brought to the countries in the Ottoman Empire like Turkey, via the slave trade during the nineteenth century. Since then the story of the African in Turkey is one that is not fully embraced by the culture or community at large. To fight the discrimination imposed upon them, some Afro-Turks enter mixed-race marriages ensuring future generations will have less African features and a diminished cultural connection to Africa and their ancestors.more More Arrow

Helen Grant, the first Black woman elected by the British Conservative Party.
- David Cameron's Conservative Party has quietly made history by electing the first woman of African descent to British Parliament. Helen Grant, whose father is Nigerian, practiced family law in private practice before winning her seat to represent one of the 17 constituencies in London's Kent County. Not known for a history of inclusiveness, the Conservative Party holds the majority in the UK's House of Commons and Grant was one of just 143 women elected in 2010, 49 of which represented the Conservative Party. On Sept. 4, 2012, Cameron appointed Grant to dual positions as Under-Secretary of State for Justice and Women and Equalities. more More Arrow