Traffic Tickets Issued by Fort Washington, Md. Speed Camera Voided

Thousands of lead-footed motorists caught speeding by a camera posted in a region of southern Prince George’s County, Md. are off the hook for their tickets, thanks to an oversight by police.

Motorists who received a traffic ticket based on data taken from a camera posted in the 2300 block of Brinkley Road in Fort Washington and paid the fine are due a refund, police said. Alleged speeders were assessed a fine of $40.

The refunds resulted from the county failing to advertise the camera’s posting in a local newspaper as required by law. Because of the mistake, the tickets have been nullified and refunds have been ordered for motorists who received a violation at the location.

The police were notified of their failure to publicize the camera’s placement by WUSA 9 News, the statement said.

“Once we became aware of this advertising omission, the camera was immediately taken down,” Prince George’s police said in a statement.

The camera was erected in November 2012 and issued approximately 2,059 tickets since that time. Of those, 1,500 fines will be refunded, totaling about $58,000. The rest of the tickets will be voided, police said. Motorists should receive their refunds within 45 days.

A complete list of the county’s active speed cameras is available at

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Traffic Tickets Issued by Fort Washington, Md. Speed Camera Voided


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