Thank you for the excellent front page story on the second Presidential Debate between President Barack Obama and challenger Governor Mitt Romney. Editor Ronald Taylor’s story is factual, accurate and excellent. However, the “Knockout!” headline may cause voters to prematurely relax.

As a fight fan and a lawyer, I believe I know the rules in boxing and in elections. There was no ten-count which is required for a knockout or a stoppage for a technical knockout. Sure, many of us judged the debate one-sided in the President’s favor. But there are more rounds to come. Many Americans believe Mr. Romney will do and say anything he thinks will help him win the presidency. There is every indication he will fight on with everything he has and leave it to the fight judges – the voters – to decide the winner.

It is too early to celebrate.

We must do everything we legally can to get the voters to the polls (most importantly in Virginia) and make sure all the voters are properly counted. Then, hopefully, the Afro headline can proudly proclaim, “President Obama Wins!”

Jack H. Olender
Washington, DC

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