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Niara Hicks
Kingsville Middle School
Montgomery County

Taneka Francis, Marketing Manager
T. Rowe Price

The person I chose to write about was Taneka Francis. Three traits I admire about her are that she is hard working, determined and focused.

From the article I can tell that Francis is very hard working. She said in middle school, she had to be at school from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. because she was on the school basketball team and she did many extra-curricular activities. Because of all the things she had to do, she had to be up really late to finish her school work.

She must have been a hard worker to maintain such excellent grades and still be able to do her time consuming activities. Her work ethic also impresses me because her parents got a divorce which probably made it even harder to keep up with her studies. Francis’ hard-working attitude reminds me of myself. Once in sixth grade, I had to do a project on Egyptians for social studies. I remember working so hard and long on that project that I was up until 9 every night. It took me a little longer than two weeks but I finished and I put in my best work. All that hard work paid off in the end because I got an award for the most creative project out of the entire grade and my project was displayed in the sixth grade showcase. After this experience, I learned that I have to do my best in everything because I never want to leave a bad impression on anyone.

Another trait I like about Francis is her determination. In her article, she talked about how she managed to squeeze in her extra-curricular activities with school work. This is an example of her determination because she was determined to do well in school while still doing what she liked to do. She also wrote about how she wanted to get into a prestigious college when she got older, so she spent a majority of her free time studying and reading. In the end, she ended up going to the college she dreamed of. I was determined last year when I tried out for the school soccer team. I was scared to try out at first because I didn’t play on a travel team like all the other girls. After my friend talked me into it, I tried out anyway. I tried very hard to keep up with the others and did my best tricks. I didn’t make the team, but I’m very thankful for the experience.

One last character trait I admire about Francis is, she is focused. In middle school, she only focused on school and didn’t get distracted with parties and such. This must have been very hard for her to do because middle and high school students are usually always on the Internet or watching TV. I will try to be more focused because I am going to high school next year so it is going to be a little harder to stay on track.

Francis has inspired me to be more focused on my grades and not be influenced by the crowd. I know that in order to be successful and get a good job in the future, I must have good grades in school. I also know I should stay above the influence because if I hang out with the wrong kind of people, my reputation will be ruined and I can’t have that happen because there are so many negative stereotypes toward Black people and I have to prove to society that they aren’t true. To keep my grades up, I will stop going on the Internet as much as I do and study and read instead. To stay above the influence, I will keep hanging out with people like me who don’t drink or smoke or make bad decisions. I know that my decisions don’t only affect me, but everyone around me and I don’t want to bring shame to my family and friends.

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Taneka Francis, Marketing Manager - T. Rowe Price


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