Where Are the Good Men?

Where are all the good men at in today’s world? They have always been around, but seem to be hard to find for some women.

The fact is, women are looking in the wrong places. They complain about men more than anything else. Whether it’s about not spending enough time together or sitting around the house too much, women always seem to find a way to criticize men.

Tavon White, an inmate at the Baltimore City Detention Center, had 13 female corrections officers in the palm of his hand. He allegedly gave five children to four of the officers. These women would give him outside food, tobacco, drugs and money. This shows that sometimes a gangster is what women really want.

In today’s generation, there are a lot of women with low standards. It’s the sad truth. Women want a gangster, a man with money and materialistic things, or just someone who looks good. Women throw themselves at rappers or professional athletes just because of how much money they make, before they even get to know them. Women look at the outside things men possess, instead of getting to know the inside aspect of them.

A woman meets a man one day and falls in love. She tells all her friends about how great a man he is. She talks about him buying her this and that, but never really talks about the actual dating aspect of the relationship. A month later, she is whining to the same friends about how he doesn’t take her out, or look at her the same, or tell her that he loves her. Now, she has more bad things to say about him than good. In the end, they break up and she is hurt.

Now, every man that comes after him will be compared to this man that she does not even want anymore. She thinks no men are good and men are all the same.

Reality check is that every single person on this earth, man or woman, is different in their own way. One experience should not ruin women’s future with men.

Yes, there are some men in the world who have no home training and do not carry themselves in the right manner, but there are millions of other men out there. Like the old adage says, “There are more fish in the sea.” It may be cliché, but it is also true.

Overall, there are plenty of good men in this world. The only thing that is stopping women from finding them is themselves. At the end of the day, everybody should make their own decisions.

If a man is not doing his job, which is to treat his woman like a queen, then she should leave the situation. Women should learn from their mistakes to make them stronger, independent and more cautious.

Finding a good man isn’t the problem for women.

Where they are looking is. 

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Where Are the Good Men?


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