Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq., Chair of the National Congress of Black Women (NCBW) said the following about President Barack Obama’s State of the Union message.

“President Obama was perfect in his SOTU message to bring the country back together and he challenged us, especially Congress, to get to work on things that really matter to the people. He said about everything we wanted him to say. It was a definite forward moving speech. He was conciliatory; yet, he was specific and strong. He was very clear in his call to action for all of us. He took the high road in his outreach to Congress. He was positive, energetic and firm. He was inspirational and strong.

The President reviewed some of his accomplishments that too many seem to have forgotten as they judge his record on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it seems that some are determined to take us back instead of helping the President to move forward.

I was happy to see him take the lead on raising the minimum wage, and highlighting Costco as an example of a company that has taken the lead in fairly and successfully compensating its employees. I like shopping at a place like Costco where the employees are happy and willing to serve!

The women in Congress made us proud as they energetically applauded the President on his standing up for women. NCBW represents women and their families, and we know how hard it is for some of them to lift their families above the poverty line and to adequately provide for them. Women need a raise, and as he reminded us, ‘When women succeed, America succeeds.’

He masterfully dealt with both foreign and domestic policy. We are so ready to end the war in Afghanistan and to close Guantanamo. We, in NCBW, understand and accept our responsibility in joining the President to strengthen the Voting Rights Act and to resolve the Immigration crisis. We know that we, too, have a job to do in supporting our wounded warriors and in working at the local and state levels to get others to raise the minimum wage and provide jobs for those in need.

By bringing the wounded warrior to the SOTU as a special guest and talking about the role his family and his community play in strengthening Sgt. 1st Class Cory Remsburg, the President reminded all of us of our obligation to family and to strengthening our communities. His message was uplifting and full of hope that he will do everything he can to resolve the challenges our people face.”


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