Baltimore’s Dunbar Poets Open New Home Field with a 64-0 Smackdown on Carver

For years, the Paul Laurence Dunbar Poets football teams have been considered the champs of the city of Baltimore. They’ve won eight Maryland state titles, including two straight during the last couple of years, and consistently dominate their Baltimore City Division I city opponents on a year-by-year basis.

But even with its dominant role among the city, Dunbar has spent recent history without a home field. The Poets’ original football field had become so old and outdated that the team abandoned use of the field and instead played its home games at either Mervo or Poly Western.

Now, the Poets can finally have a real home field advantage as they opened up their newly renovated football field during their homecoming football game on Oct. 26. Located between Madison and Monument Street, just a block away from Dunbar High in East Baltimore, the Poets took to their new home turf, the William F. “Sugar” Cain Field— paid for and sponsored by Maryland-based athletic apparel brand Under Armour –for the first time and completely crushed Carver, 64-0.

Pumped up to be playing “home” for once in years, the Poets put on a show for its faithful fans and supporters, putting up 36 unanswered points in the first quarter; they extended the lead to 50-0 by halftime. The score got so out of hand that the coaches of both teams agreed to end the game early with more than seven minutes left in the fourth quarter.

“It’s a great day and a great feeling to be here, in our home,” said Dunbar head coach Lawrence Smith of his new field and stadium which seats more than 1,000 fans. “This is our city and as kings we wear the crown proudly.”

Now, Baltimore’s royalty finally has a throne. 

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Baltimore's Dunbar Poets Open New Home Field with a 64-0 Smackdown on Carver


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