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Vets Honor Buffalo Soldier Col. Charles Young

by AFRO Staff

    Members of the 9th Memorial United States Cavalry Association flanks B General Robert Cocroft, Leonard Lawson, President of BlaqueIce Productions, Charles Blatcher, III, chair, National Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations and Lt. General Arthur J. Gregg, USA (Ret.) Photo credit/Brian Vaughn (Courtesy Photo)
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Dignitaries, retired generals, and members of the Coalition of Black Veteran Organizations all gathered to honor Colonel Charles Young at Arlington National Cemetery on June 5th.

A wreath in the form of a star was laid on his gravesite to mark the 90th anniversary
of his internment and to raise awareness of his service to the country.

“It was not the star of a general, which is the star he deserved but never received,” Coalition Chair Charles Blatcher III said in a statement.

“He was the wrong color for the time.”

The Coalition feels that it is time to elevate Col. Young to the rank of General. In
doing so, they hope to add an important and necessary chapter to American history. 

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