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Website Searches for Nation’s Strangest Homes

by AFRO Staff
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As part of their efforts to compile a list of the nation’s top 10 most unusual homes, is scouring local cities searching for residences that are quirky, unique or extremely unusual.

The final list will be posted on and distributed to media throughout the United States. Previous features have been picked up by numerous media sources including, Yahoo and AOL.

“We are looking for homes that are truly different – the kind of homes that make you say 'Wow, look at that' or 'What were they thinking' or 'I wish I were that brave,'” said Jason Wakefield, Web design director for the real estate website, in a statement. “Homes can be any style or price range. The important thing is the home's “out-of-the-norm” quotient.”

Other top 10 lists on the site have included to “coolest beach homes” and “most luxurious golf homes.”

Send weird homes nomination to: Attach pictures or a link to a Website along with a brief description and your contact information. For more information visit

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