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Republicans Fly Out of Town

The right-wing fringe of the Republican Party is once again taking hostages to get what they want. This time, their anti-union, extremist agenda is hurting tens of thousands of hardworking Americans.

Because of the House Republicans' refusal to compromise and allow a simple extension of funding for the Federal Aviation Administration, 4,000 FAA employees are going without a paycheck, are at risk of losing their health coverage, and many are being forced to put official job expenses on their personal credit cards. What’s more, about 75,000 construction workers are out of work because airport-related projects have been suspended.

Instead of finding a way to put these innocent bystanders back to work, House Republicans flew out of town leaving the FAA and all of these workers in limbo.

I can’t comprehend how these politicians can leave Washington while so many public servants are suffering through no fault of their own. It just isn’t right. Stand with me in calling on House Republicans to end this needless shutdown.

Click here to stand with me and demand that the House of Representatives reconvene immediately and pass a simple funding extension for the FAA that would put these hardworking Americans back on the job.

The Republicans are so caught up in their “my way or the highway” mentality that they don’t even realize the serious consequences of their actions.

Not only are these workers going without paychecks, but taxpayers are losing nearly $30 million each day that this stalemate continues. That’s because most airlines are, in effect, collecting ticket taxes, but are not being required to pay it to the government. If Congress doesn’t reconvene right now, we’ll lose an incredible $1 billion in revenue. I think we can all agree that at a time when our country is experiencing a severe deficit crisis, we can’t afford to lose $1 billion.

I’ve received hundreds of letters and messages from FAA employees who’ve been affected by this crisis created by the Republicans. One note came from a single mother with a disabled child who said she was struggling to make ends meet. When I read that, I knew my colleagues and I have no choice but to find a solution.

I've cosponsored legislation that would provide back pay for the 4,000 employees who have been furloughed, but that's not enough. We must get all of these people back to work now so they can continue to keep our skies safe.

Click here to join me in demanding that Speaker Boehner bring the House of Representatives back to Washington and that members of Congress hold off on their vacations until after a clean funding extension for the FAA is passed.

We can’t allow this small radical fringe to dictate how our government works. I hope you’ll stand with me today so we can keep our economy moving forward.


Ben Cardin