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Black Pilots and Black Aviators Honored

by AFRO Staff

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    Lt. Col. (Ret.) Herbert H. Jones Jr., an original Tuskegee Airman, Class of 44J, National Capital Wing of Civil Air Patrol. (AFRO Photos/Dr. A. Lois De Laine)

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Black aviators and instructors were honored for their contributions to the field at an all-day event in Ft. Washington, Md.

The day’s event began with a special one-hour flyover ceremony at the site of the Columbia Air Center (Black owned) in Upper Marlboro to honor the historical significance of the Columbia Air Center and to pay homage to early pioneers such as Herbert Jones, William Fauntroy Jr, Albert Young, Capt. Fred Pitcher and Gladys Otey, one of the first female pilots to fly at the historic center.

Highlights of the luncheon at the National Golf Club at Tantallion in Ft. Washington was the recognition of African-American owned flight schools, flight instructors and pilots who have contributed significantly to the field of general aviation and who are working to keep the dream of aviation alive for African Americans.



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