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Exclusive: Scotland Moves Towards Diversity

by Shayla Martin

    Afro-Scot Eunice Olumide uses her music to examine issues like race. She says she rarely meets people like her, but believes that Scotland is become more diverse. (Courtesy Photo)
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Eunice Olumide, or sweeTs, as she is known as the front woman of the popular hip-hop duo NorthernXposure, was born and raised in Edinburgh and uses her socially conscious lyrics to express the challenges she has experienced firsthand.

"Growing up in Scotland was quite a unique experience," sweeTs said. "The most difficult aspect concerning what I coin as the ‘Afro-Scot' is the rarity. Most of the time you can be completely misjudged and misunderstood, trapped in a dichotomy that is extremely unfamiliar to not only Scots but also to Africans."   More

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