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Black German Musicians Unite to Fight Racism

by Afro-Europe International Blog

    A movie about black German musicians: they live in two different worlds. After a black man is beaten to death by a right-wing extremist teenager, they come together and found the musical group "Brothers Keepers". The musician fights with her voice.. (Courtesy Photo)
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Synopsis:  At the centre of this film are musicians Ade Bantu, D-Flame and Mamadee. When Ade was 15 years old his father was murdered in Nigeria. Following that he moved to Cologne with his German mother and siblings. When D-Flame's problems with his mother escalated he was sent into a home and turned criminal. When Mamadee was ten years old, the German Democratic Republic collapsed dashing her dreams of wearing the red neckerchief worn by the Thälmann Pioneers.

All three have a black father and a white mother, but they all had to grow up without their fathers. They are all German and yet, because of their skin colour, are seen as being different…..  More

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