The U.S. States Attorney’s Office, Baltimore Police and the FBI announced Tuesday morning the indictment of 12 members of a dangerous Baltimore gang.

Seven of the 12 indicted gang members are (l-r): Terrell Sivells, 26; John Harrison, 27; Taurus Tillman, 28; Linton Broughton, 24; Dennis Pulley, 30; Montana Barronette, 22; and Roger Taylor, 26.. (Courtesy Photos)

The TTG gang or “Trained To Go” gang, according to police and the Feds are, “Ruthless, killing within their own communities, and now the alleged crimes, some dating back years, have caught up to them.”

According to authorities, members of TTG, engaged in drug distribution, murder, kidnapping, assault, robbery, and witness intimidation.

“They do it to protect turf. They do it to eliminate and intimidate rivals,” U.S. Attorney Stephen Schenning told the AFRO.

According to the U.S. Attorney, the gang has been linked to at least 10 murders over a six year span, including a triple murder that took place almost 2 years ago.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said at the press conference that TTG was, “calculating and cold blooded and they premeditated their killings.”

“When they can leave their homes with guns in their waistbands, and execute people on the streets of Baltimore, and leave 45, 50 shell casings at a crime scene , and think they can get away with it, this is hopefully a message to them,” Commissioner Davis said.

According to law enforcement, the gang often targeted areas where they lived in the Sandtown neighborhood of West Baltimore.

Each gang member Indicted faces a maximum sentence of life in prison on the racketeering and drug conspiracy charges. Five of the 12 Indicted face mandatory life in prison for murder and racketeering.

These charges are death penalty eligible as a federal capital offense.

One of the 5 defendants facing mandatory life sentences is 22 year-old Montana Barronette, (also known as Tana or Tanner).

Less than a year ago, Barronette was Baltimore City’s Public Enemy #1 and #1 trigger puller as identified by Baltimore Police.

“Barronette is very good at his craft,” said Commissioner Davis. “His craft is killing.”

The defendants are:

Montana Barronette, (Tana or Tanner), age 22

Terrell Sivells (Rell), age 26

John Harrison (Binkie), age 27

Taurus Tillman (Tash), age 28

Linton Broughton (Marty), age 24

Dennis Pulley (Denmo), age 30

Roger Taylor (Milk), age 26

Brandon Wilson (Ali), age 23

Brandon Bazemore (Man Man), age 24

Timothy Floyd (Tim Rod), age 27

Hisaun Chatman, age 31

James Woodfolk, age 20

The FBI said they are still looking for 26-year-old Roger Taylor. If you’ve seen him, you are urged to call the FBI, Baltimore Field Office at 410-265-8080.