By Valerie Frailing, Special to the AFRO

“My daddy has paid the rent and the insurance man is gone and the lights is back on and my Uncle Brud has hit for one dollar straight and they is good times…My mama has made bread and grampaw has come and everybody is drunk and dancing in the kitchen and singing in the kitchen of these is good times. Oh, children think about the good times.” Lucille Clifton, Poet Laureate

“The wisdom of the ages teaches that each individual, whether believer or not, good or bad, old or young, sick or well, rich or poor, has a personal guardian angel with him or her at every moment of life’s journey.” Jean Paul Richter

My car was in the shop due to a hit and run driver, so instead of renting a car I decided to drive my four door. I had forgotten my phone and was returning home to get the phone. And whoosh as I was riding on 695 my tire blew just past exit 17. I rode along the side until exit 18 and pulled over. That’s when my guardian angel pulled behind me. A young lady with her dog approached me and said I see you have a flat do you have a spare and may I change it for you? Thank you, my new friend Patrice B, and your dog Nzuri. When you see me, I’ll tell you “the rest of the story”. Paul Harvey

“Sweet April showers do spring May flowers.“ Thomas Tusser

It also brought several birthday celebrations and birthdays. It was so much fun to be included in these celebrations.

When your husband Delegate Nick Mosby is in session and you are Baltimore’s States Attorney Marilyn Mosby with a hectic schedule how do you celebrate your husband’s special birthday? You contact Sonje of Sonje Production for a surprise 90s theme party. Guests arrived dressed in the attire of the 90s with boom boxes, jeans, hip hop attire, One Eye, Biggie,Tupac and more. The highlight was the menu that included chicken boxes and half and half. It was great seeing this power couple enjoy a pleasant evening celebrating with friends and family and yes that was Mary J Blige (AKA Marilyn) looking fabulous.

Mary Cathy Wises’ surprise 65th birthday party hosted by her son Troy at Soundry on the lake in Columbia on Sunday afternoon was an ideal time for the 100 plus guests to enjoy live jazz and a delicious buffet with carved beef and pasta dishes.

The Avenue Kitchen on 36th Street was filled with well wishers celebrating the birthdays of Betsy Gardner and Carolyn Mozell, best friends who celebrate their joint birthdays. Mayor Jack Young and former Mayor Sheila Dixon were among the guests along with Jerome and Gloria Fisher, Anthony Jones, Bea Tripp, Wanda Watts, Sabrina Tapp-Harper President Sharon Green Middleton, Geri Byrd and so many more for a fun evening and City Hall reunion.

Singing happy birthday to Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford, N. Scott Phillips, Alexis Coates, Karaleigh Henson, Helen Gray, Zik Stewart, Errol Taylor, Paula Stephens, Rev. Alvin Hathaway, Elvard Cooper, Libby Harris, Dan Henson, Kim Washington, Senator Larry Young, Donel Warfield, Brenda Sykes, Vhonda Lewis and my niece Morgan Chase.

“A Friend Is Someone Who Likes You” Joan Walsh Anglund

Being retired affords you the opportunity to join friends for lunch, brunch or dinner any given moment or time of day. 36th Street in Hampden has always been a popular location but with the new eateries its popularity has tripled. It was great having brunch with Lucinda Ware at the Food Market. Electrifying atmosphere, great service and delicious food with complimentary freshly made mini sugar-coated donuts served while you wait for your to be served.

Joey Chui’s in Greenspring Station has long been a popular place for lunch or dinner, so it was an ideal spot to have lunch with Linda James before her recent successful surgery. We will return to celebrate once she has finished her recuperation. Love you my friend.

Karen Miller and I appreciated the delicious food at the Iron Rooster before attending the Orioles Yankee game on a Sunday afternoon. The game was a disappointment but the food at the Iron Rooster was excellent with fluffy pancakes and bourbon butter I thought I was having dessert. The Iron Rooster is in McHenry Row.

“Our spring has come at last with the soft laughter of April suns and shadow of April showers.” Byron Caldwell Smith

Check out The Beltway Brunch at the Belmont located at The Quality Inn located next to Martin’s West for an all you can eat $15 per person brunch featuring waffles,

pancakes, fried chicken bacon and much more. Call 443-623-7076 for reservations

The Belmont is Live on Tuesday Nights with live Jazz for the 30 and over crowd dancing to the sounds of DJ Julian and dining on food prepared by Chris. Tony and Mert are your host mingling throughout to make sure the guests are enjoying the evening.

“Meet me on the moon soon as you can. In the middle of the sky. You and I riding on a cloud soft as you please. We can sail upon the breeze to the everlasting moment of love. Oh, I feel your symphony so strong and so pure, it echoes on through me. I am so sure that we were meant to be here sharing this love we share.” Phyliss Hyman

Wishing a happy 32nd anniversary to Lieutenant Governor Boyd and Monica Rutherford, happy 49th anniversary to Ralph and Brenda Wright and a happy 16th anniversary to Timothy and Kelly Swope Holloway.

A special anniversary wishes to Allan McDowell on the 1-year anniversary of AM3Auto 7234 Windsor Mill Road. Allan hosted an all-day barbeque for his customers on the grounds. Guests enjoyed foods and drinks as they sat under the tree on a beautiful spring Saturday.

And on the third day HE rose!