Scene of a shooting in Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Chicago suffered a Memorial Day weekend the city would sooner forget, as at least 56 people were shot between May 22 and May 26.

Of those shot, 12 died and 44 were wounded, according to Chicago CW affiliate WGN-TV.

The youngest victim was four-year-old Jacele Johnson, who was shot in her head during a family gathering in the Englewood neighborhood, the Chicago Tribune reported. Johnson could be released from the hospital within a week to start physical therapy in Minnesota.

“It’s a bittersweet moment. Who ever wants to feel like they have to run away because there’s so much violence?” Johnson’s mom Trennetta Gresham told the Tribune. “But for the sake of my kids, It’s not that I am running away from my city, it’s just going to have a better life so I don’t have to worry about this ever happening again.”

However, other residents said the spate of shootings was no different than the violence endured by other cities, including Baltimore, where 29 people were shot that same weekend.

“We know that this happens in very large metropolitan areas. Chicago is no different than what’s going on in Baltimore, Philly or Detroit,” Asiaha Butler, president of the Resident Association of Greater Englewood, told Newsweek. “I stayed on my porch this entire weekend. I barbequed this weekend. I did not hear one gunshot.”