Dawn and Dellaphine Chitty

Title:  Bruh Beaver and Bruh Rabbit on the Road to Animal Town

Author:  Dawn & Dellaphine Chitty    

Release Date:  October 2014

Dawn Chitty

Raised in South Carolina Dawn, felt inspired to honor her familial roots by sharing these timeless tales she has listened to her entire life. “Bruh Beaver, Bruh Rabbit and the Man in the Moon,” is Dawn’s literary debut, but is one of many folktales which have been shared in her family for over five generations.  Currently the Director of Education at the African American Civil War Museum in Washington D.C., Dawn is an alumni of the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina and Kaplan University.

Dellaphine Chitty 

A native of South Carolina, Dell, is the youngest of six children and she grew up hearing a verity of animal folktales from her mother and maternal grandmother.  Many of these tales featured Bruh Beaver, Bruh Rabbit, Foxy Loxy, Chicken Li’l and the Old Wise Owl and the passion to share these stories became deep rooted at a young age when she first started sharing them with her own nieces and nephews.  A graduate of South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, South Carolina, Dell has been a professional in the field of Information Technology for the past 20+ years and is currently a Senior Consultant with Leidos Health, a healthcare consulting firm.  Dell made her literary debut with “Bruh Beaver, Bruh Rabbit and the Man in the Moon,” in 2012.


What was the impetus for writing this book?

This story has a light hearted appreciation for hard work and gratitude. We thought this was an important  lesson for children to learn. These types of folktales have been shared orally in our family for several generations and we wanted to share them with others.  facebook twitter

What surprised you about the development of the book?

    Dell:  How much fun we had writing these stories down.  How difficult it is to publish  children’s picture books, everyone is looking for the next Harry Potter but we forget  everyone starts with  “The Cat in the Hat” before they progress to Harry Potter type books.

     Dawn:  How many details are in each phase of the publication process from wording to illustration.

For what audience is your book written?

     K-3rd grade and the adults who are children at heart.

What one thing do you most want the reader to learn?

To appreciate when someone does you a kindness.

What did you learn during the writing process? 

      Stay organized, persistence, and have fun.

What’s next on the horizon for you? 

More books to write.

List other books you’ve written.

Bruh Beaver, Bruh Rabbit and the Man in the Moon