By AFRO Staff

On May 21, the Real News Network continued their series of “Real Talk Tho” conversations geared towards seeking solutions to Baltimore’s seemingly “intractable problems.”

This week, the focus was the ubiquitous issue of policing in Baltimore, specifically the implementation of a plausible community policing model in the wake of years of law enforcement and political corruption and record homicide numbers.

The Real News Network continued its “Real Talk Tho” series of conversations about Baltimore’s challenges. (From left), Neil Franklin, Executive Director, Law Enforcement Action Partnership; Nabeehah Azeez, Out for Justice, AFRO Baltimore Editor, Sean Yoes and legendary former member of the Black Panther Party, Marshall “Eddie” Conway, Executive Producer of the Real News Network.

The community forums, which also feature a panel of experts, are moderated by Real News Network Executive Producer, Eddie Conway, a former member of the Black Panther Party. The forum was co-hosted by The Real News Network’s Taya Graham, who is also a reporter for the AFRO.

This week’s panel included Neil Franklin, Executive Director of Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP), and a former member of the Baltimore Police Department and Maryland State Police; Nabeehah Azzeez of Out for Justice, which advocates for reform of the criminal justice system and AFRO Baltimore Editor, Sean Yoes.