He was revered as one of the greats within the African-American church; the ‘Godfather’ of expository preaching. Loved and admired by many nationwide, the Rev. Dr. Albert Louis Patterson Jr. was more than just a preacher; he was an educator and a beacon for knowledge, wisdom and kindness.

On April 9, after 80 blessed years of life, Rev. Patterson was called home to be with the Lord.

For those who have never had the pleasure of meeting him or ever had the chance to witness his preaching, know that Rev. Patterson had a gift.

“Patterson had the ability to read and interpret the text with meaning,” said the Rev. William H. Lamar IV, originally of Turner Memorial AME Church in Hyattsville, Md., and now the newest pastor of Metropolitan AME Church in northwest, D.C. “Dr. Patterson was truly a master of biblical language. He had the ability to use the language to imagine, educate, apply intellect and inspire.”

Rev. Lamar learned of Rev. Patterson during his years at Duke Divinity School from 1996 to 1999. “As part of my education, I was required to listen to master preachers, and it was then that I was first introduced to Rev. Patterson, by listening to his sermons.”

The Rev. Drew Kyndall Ross, 27, founding pastor of Baltimore’s Resurrection Church, remembers fondly the first moment he heard Rev. Patterson.

“Patterson was one of those voices you had to hear,” he said. “He was one that the older folks said you absolutely need to hear.” Rev. Ross first heard Rev. Patterson speak at a preacher’s conference in Atlanta. “One of my first thoughts about Patterson was that he was somebody’s preacher. He had such a way with words, with the text, and had this ability to bring the text to life.”

As senior pastor of Mt. Corinth Missionary Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, Dr. Patterson leaves behind a rich legacy of preaching.

“Having served at his church for 44 years speaks volumes of his integrity,” said Rev. Ross.

According to Houston Style Magazine, Dr. Patterson died while holding the hand of the love of his life, his beloved wife Melba Beverly Lorraine Simmons Patterson. A celebration of life service was held April 17 at Mt. Corinth Missionary Baptist Church.

The impact Rev. Patterson had on those who heard him preach will forever live on. Rev. Ross said we can all keep Patterson’s words alive by making sure we are always students of the word.

“We need to always seek initial scholarship and allow ourselves to mentor others who are just starting,” Rev. Ross said, adding that the key is to not forget that the general call of ministry is to preach the Bible.

“What I learned from Rev. Patterson was that a preacher must always be about learning, exploring and questioning,” Rev. Lamar said. “In no way can you be effective as a preacher without constant learning. Rev. Patterson was a model who set a large example of what excellence looks like. He will be missed.”


Final arrangements for Pastor Patterson are on Thursday, April 17th.

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